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Circle Rally Party

1 to 4 players local multiplayer party game with mini games about doing donuts with cars. · By yvogdev


Recent updates

Changelog v1.3.5
v1.3.5 * Added option to toggle power-ups on/off * Minor graphical changes * Minor bugfixes...
1 file
Changelog v1.3.0
v1.3.0 * Added option to report a bug via the pause menu * Fixed issues with the audio settings * Major performance improvements * Major physics improvements *...
1 file
Changelog v1.2.7
v1.2.7 * Added visual feedback to when your car gets repaired * Major bugfixes...
Changelog v1.2.5
v1.2.5 * Power-ups spawn more frequently now * Extra bonus per difficulty tier * Performance improvements * Minor visual improvements...
Changelog v1.2.0
v1.2.0 * Added: * World Records: beat your highscore per mini game. * Splashscreen * Randomnized pop-up texts during gameplay * Impr...
1 file
Performance Update v1.1.0
Hey partymember, A while ago, there was a performance issue on laptops. It did not work as fast as I wanted on older dedicated laptop graphics cards. It turned...

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