Performance Update v1.1.0

Hey partymember,

A while ago, there was a performance issue on laptops. It did not work as fast as I wanted on older dedicated laptop graphics cards. It turned out to be a bug in the game's renderer, causing the cpu to upload unnecessarily much data to the gpu EVERY FRAME!

GOOD NEWS: this has been fixed in the new update v1.1.0! So, get your laptop and connect it to your big screen (after downloading the update of course).

"Why no macOS support?", I hear you all asking. This is where more good news starts. Take a seat...deep breath...and listen carefully... 

...Circle Rally Party will be released on Steam within a few months from writing, and a macOS build will be available at the same time!!

Please note that if you have bought Circle Rally Party here on, you will receive a Steam key after the Steam release. 

This was all the news for now, enjoy the game,


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